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Tony McClean-Fay

AIMS Adjudicator

"A very entertaining production full of humour, inventive choreography, impressive orchestration and a winning lead performance made this show leap off the stage into the hearts of the audience. The seventeen-piece orchestra, led by Musical director Eoin Corcoran, were placed upstage in full view of everyone. Mr. Corcoran worked his magic on this show. The orchestra were bright, lush and had great pace and energy and the ensemble were powerful and handled the harmonies with aplomb, be-decked in a topper (as were all the male players), kept everybody in time and even relinquished his seat to a cast member at one point. Their work with the chorus was equally as fastidious, particularly on the showstopper “Flash, Bang, Wallop” where delicate harmonies and tricky canons abounded. There was some lovely work on the male harmonies on “In the Middle There’s Me”, which was, vocally, a highlight of the show." 

- Review of KIPPS: The New Half A Sixpence Musical

"I asked Eoin after the show how he manages to keep control over his orchestra when he is behind a keyboard. Not sure how he does it, but Eoin creates the most beautiful, and in this show, period feel to the finished sound. This show has touches of jazz, Charleston, 1960s, hippy flower-power feel at times and this sound came out beautifully throughout. It is quite nice having the orchestra at the back of the stage, from an audience’s point of view, but must be difficult for the actors to keep in contact (perhaps a video link?) The cast always seemed comfortable musically with the show. There was strong singing from all the principals, and the chorus nearly blew us away in their big numbers. Some nice harmonies dotted in there too. A job well done Eoin Corcoran."

- Review of Pippin

"How nice to meet Musical Director Eoin Corcoran again. I have met him quite a few times on my travels. He seems to give a great energy to each show. The cast were obviously well drilled in their singing. This time no orchestra to control, as a backing track was used. This was a good recording and sound was very balanced. Also, a challenge for the cast to execute the energetic dance routines and sing at the same time. Eoin’s keyboard playing did add a little more depth to the pre-recorded tracks"

- Review of Footloose

Billy Rae

AIMS Adjudicator

Peter Kennedy

AIMS Adjudicator

"A very commendable orchestra handled what can be a tricky score with good rhythm and musicality, and under the direction of Eoin Corcoran, provided a secure accompaniment to the on-stage singers. Eoin drew forth a good vocal performance from the chorus, and by and large, principals also seemed to be vocally well-rehearsed. The chorus did all that was required of them with energy, and a great sense of enjoyment (especially the camp male chorus), and made a more than adequate vocal contribution to the overall entertainment value of the show."

- Review of The Producers

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